Catherine M. Lockwood Ph.D.
is an Associate Professor of Geography at Chadron State College (CSC), Chadron, Nebraska. Dr. Lockwood specializes in cultural ecology, settlement landscape, and rural issues. Her expertise includes land use assessment and analysis, and methods of landscape interpretation. As the only geographer at CSC, Dr. Lockwood offers a broad range of courses from world, cultural, physical, and area geography to map use, aerial photography interpretation, and advanced techniques and research methods. Dr. Lockwood works closely with students helping them to develop skills and knowledge that are transferable to other subject areas. She encourages educators to use a synthesized approach for understanding, teaching, and applying geographic techniques and concepts within their curriculum.

Besides full-time teaching, Dr. Lockwood is Editor of the Journal of Geography. She is the Historian (2005-2007) of Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU), an international geography honor society, an Assistant Editor of the American Geographical Society’s Focus magazine, and Editor for a book of readings on human geography (March 2005). She has received grants from local, state, and federal sources for wetland and education cooperative projects. She presented more than 95 professional and invited papers and workshops at regional and national meetings, colleges and universities, and international symposiums between 1990 and 2006. Dr. Lockwood also served as Chair of the Department of Social Sciences and Justice Studies at Chadron State College (2001-2004), and she continues to direct internships and coordinates out-reach projects for middle and high schools educators. Dr. Lockwood received the 2002 Outstanding Graduate Alumnus in Geography Award, South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota.

Dr. Lockwood’s responsibilities for the WETMAAP Project include directing the Team’s research activities, coordinating field operations and acquisition of materials, developing content, editing resource materials, and facilitating workshops